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Why hello there! Thank you for visiting my page. I’m live sex model, SubmissiveLexi! Like my username, I am totally here for you to be my master!

I’m the Ultimate Submissive Cam Girl…

Ever since i could remember, i’ve ALWAYS had this twisted yet burning desire to be someone’s slave, to be dominated and controlled and told what to do. i’ve found nothing else in my sex life that turns me on quite like being a total and complete submissive sex slave. 😀

Do you want to be my master?

Do you want to order my cute little 21 year old ass around for your own pleasure? Don’t you want to tell me what to do and when to do it? I know you’re dying to see my big juicy double d titties and my precious little shaved pussy. I’m just a needy attention whore with my cute little glasses. I may be short but i’m a tight little package. All you have to do is open the package!

About my Private Shows

I love doing cam2cam. Do you know want to know why? Nothing thrills me like seeing your raging boner because i know its proof that i’m turing you on as much as you’re turning me on. dammit, typing all this is making me so fucking horny right now i can’t stand it!!! I’ll do anything to please you. Twerking, squirting, dirty talk, roleplaying, big titty bouncing, spanking….OMG LETS FUCK RIGHT NOW!! can we master? can we fuck right now?

waiting for you…


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